The Benefits of a Spiritual Fast

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Before going on my first real, God filled fast, I told myself for a long time that it was time to do one. I had started doing things like intermittent fasting from food, so I knew that God was calling me to do a fast centered around and fueled by HIM! However I kept stalling and stalling not realizing how much it would truly benefit me when I finally went on a real, spiritual fast.

In my own words, a fast is abstaining from something for a period of time—whether that’s food, a specific activity, or being on social media, taking time to focus your mind in another direction, to hopefully bring a new and beneficial outlook.

I did a 10 day fast leading up to Pentecost Sunday, and my goodness, it was so beneficial to me.

My personal fast at this time was from social media and Dr. Pepper.

I had people asking me, “why Dr. Pepper Kiana?”

Well, you have to fast on your level. I unfortunately was not able in this season to give up meat for 10 days, so that’s not what I did. Maybe in the next season, but for right now, I know that I was having trouble with social media and drinking so much Dr. Pepper those were the two things I needed to move my focus on and focus my mind on other things—specifically God and my purpose.

Fasting from social media was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

Social media puts your mind on OVERLOAD. In the span of five minutes simply scrolling down social media, if you read 50 posts for example, you will experience over 50 different emotions from each post. IN NO WAY IS THAT HEALTHY FOR YOUR BRAIN! And I didn’t realize how unhealthy it really was until my mind was focused AWAY from it.

During my fast, the time that I would usually take to scroll down social media, I dedicated that time to God, specifically leading up to Pentecost Sunday (check out my YouTube video to learn more about Pentecost Sunday).

Every time I would think I was unlocking my phone to look at Facebook and Instagram, I had bible apps in both places of those so I HAD to click on it and read the word. During just 10 days, God spoke so much to me and taught me so many new things that had I been scrolling down the virtual world of overload in that time—I would have missed everything he wanted me to know.

After 10 days, I did log back into my social media because not EVERYTHING on social media is toxic—I do follow some very valuable people. But getting back on and seeing all the negativity I saw how nasty it really was and that I really wasn’t missing anything.

As for Dr. Pepper, it was sending my acne on overload and stopping this gave me clearer skin in almost an instant because my God is a miracle worker for both the smallest and biggest things!

I encourage you, go on a fast.

Take a break from something. Let God encourage you and bring you a new light. While reading this, whatever first came to your mind other that you THINK you can’t give up—that’s exactly what you need to fast from! Make social media one of them and spend that time with God. I promise you he will open you up and fill you with so much MORE!

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