Religion vs. Spirituality | You do not Have to be Perfect to know God!

As children, we are taken to church where generations of our family have always gone and they teach us about the Lord in a very broad way. We are basically only taught the values of the church that we are currently in.

We know that God loves us. We are taught that if we do wrong it is because of the devil and if we continue to do wrong we will have to face the devil. But never do we get the chance to learn and explore the reasoning and thoughts behind all of this or the truth behind who we really are…

From birth to age 22, that’s all I knew. I knew that if I continued to do as right as I possibly could, God would continue to love me, but if I put wrong doing in the mix, God was going CONDEMN me and send me to hell. I never got the chance to learn what sinning, and wrong doing, as well as my rightful doing really meant. I never had the chance to have a real and personal encounter and relationship with the Lord. Yeah, we can all go to the alter at a young age and say we are saved, but have you realllly been saved?

Just this past year, at the age of 22 is when I started learning on my own and for myself who God was, who I am, and I am continuing to learn and be molded into who he created me to be.

It is RELIGION that trains our minds at very young ages that if we aren’t perfect saints it is hard to have a relationship with God and THIS IS NOT TRUE.

One day, God called on me, he gave me a glimpse of what my purpose is and for weeks after I questioned it and I ran from it because I thought to myself that in no way can I spread God’s word when I don’t even do right myself, but this also IS NOT TRUE. HE actually wanted the imperfect version of me so that he could teach and mold me back into who he saw me as before the beginning of the Earth.

So our topic today is exploring the differences between religion and spirituality. In a nutshell, (check out my corresponding youtube video for a more in depth analysis) after stepping into my purpose and calling from God I learned that he was not calling on me to touch the world in a religious way, but to touch the world in a spiritual way spreading the message that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO KNOW OR HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

I would like to say that I am a Christian however; I am not a religious Christian, I am spiritual Christian and this is where the contrast of religion v. spirituality comes in.

Religion is a set of rules, regulations, traditions, and rituals created by human which were supposed to help people spiritually. Basically- religions or a religious person would tell you, I’m right, you’re wrong and you will burn in hell for not believing me when it comes to certain characteristics and values.

Spirituality on the other hand, is not a theology, it is simply a way of life that links us to God. Spirituality deals with the process or journey of self-discovery and learning who you are and who God created you to be. It gives you freedom and space to find your own answers even if those answers disagree with what you were previously taught.

When it comes to the Lord and walking with him, it’s about having a relationship—not what religion you are a part of. Jesus never said follow Christians, he said follow me!

God pre-destined all of our lives, he knew we were imperfect that is why Jesus put all of our imperfections to DEATH on the cross. God just wants to slowly chip away our wrongdoings so that we can get back to who he created us to be and that all starts with having a relationship with him.

So if you feel like your religion tells you that you cannot receive God’s love because of how you are, it’s time to turn away from the religion and turn to GOD!

Check out this chart to further understand and compare the differences between religion and spirituality.

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