Just Breathe....... God is ALWAYS with you

It’s okay to take a break. Sometimes you have to just breathe. Thorough it ALL, no matter good or bad, God is always with you!

While hard work will always produce the best outcomes, sometimes you just need a break to revamp, regather, and recognize exactly why you are still standing.

It is God’s grace and mercy that keeps us going. His protective shield is a lamp unto our feet.

For personal sanity, sometimes you just have to let go and rest. Let go and let God.

God does his best work when aren’t rushing him.

Almost three weeks ago, my grandfather passed away and if you’ve ever lost a close grandparent, you know the hurt and pain it produces. Then, during that same week, it seemed as if multiple things just subsequently went wrong right after. Additionally, I had no batched content created for my blog. As a blogger and content creator, when content doesn’t get posted on time it can be very daunting. In the back of my mind I wondered and stressed about what content to post and with everything going on, when would I even have time to create it?

But then I realized, for the better of myself, God was telling me— “daughter, take a break this week, rest, and realize that I am STILL with you. You aren’t losing or missing out on a thing.”

Sometimes, we can get so caught in moving forward that we miss the lessons that God wants to provide for us in the current moment.

These past few weeks weren't weeks for me to focus on meetings, content, or blogging. God ordained these past weeks for me to be strength to my family if they couldn’t find it anywhere else. God also needed me to take that break from doing so much so that I could be strong for myself.

Just like a camera, if you put TOO MUCH focus on one thing, chances are it can actually cause your vision and image to be blurred. There is nothing wrong with going out of focus for a bit as long as you know how to return to it.

I am so thankful that God placed his hands on me and called me closer to him earlier this year. He will literally put you in places early on to prepare you certain things in the future.

Had he not placed his hands on me earlier this year—through the time of losing my grandfather:

Fear would have had me, anxiety would have had me, emotions would have taken me over, and everything that I’ve been building would have fallen apart as a result of all of this.

But instead, my understanding of God’s love, grace, and faithfulness, as well as my understanding of us being spiritual beings having a human experience—helped me make it through this very tough time. I have cried many, many times. But I’ll take a few tears over full blown anxiety attacks any day! I’ll take a few tears over letting go of everything that God has helped me build thus far which is everything my grandfather would be proud of me doing today. I am thankful for God preparing me for the unexpected because when it came around, there was comfort.

Realize and understand, through good times and bad; wins and losses; ups and downs; God is ALWAYS there. There is nothing that he will put you up to, that you cannot get through. Before placing you in hard times- he we will ordain for you to be able to handle it. The hard times are often times God’s way of calling you near so that you may know that you are never alone. His comfort is promising and everlasting.

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