How I Scaled my Business Worldwide

One day, I was scrolling around on the backend of my website, exploring my analytics and it was to my surprise that I discovered a map that showed me, The Golden Culture... THIS WEBSITE... IS GLOBAL.

Seeing the map of truly everywhere that someone has interacted with The Golden Culture was enough to tell myself to..... Keep. Going. It’s in you!!

Before I knew the power of the internet, I used to pay a lot of attention to how much people support me locally such as close family and friends.

Of course we always want the people that we love the most to support us, but the harsh truth is simply that not everyone will. When you’ve come from the same place as people, yet you’re growing at a more advanced rate than they may be— it’s hard for those people to accept that and support you and your growth!

In all honesty, the word support really gets thrown around. We need to come to a place of realizing that if you have God’s support. You have it all and you can do anything!

You should always be thankful for the ones that do support and root for you, but if you only pay attention to that, you can also face a lot of disappointment. God has specifically ordained people to love you and support you and help you in business or any other endeavors.

Everyone isn't ordained to receive your gifts while at the same time, everyone is not your assignment.

Realizing this was very pivotal to me in my mindset and growth.

The good thing is you can 100% grow your business online without feeling like those around you have to support you!

By using social media as a tool I have been able to grow and scale my business worldwide.

I also have a more in-depth YouTube video explaining how I scaled my business and you can watch that video here.

In a nutshell, here are 5 big things that I made sure to do on social media to see growth.

1. Niche down

What is your why? What’s your true purpose? You can't be an expert at everything.

A lot of times we are unfulfilled and can't grow because we are too all over the place!

You can only grow and thrive when you are operating in your gift.

As you niche down you attract meet people just like you that are for you.

Addtionally, you will fine tune your purpose and know exactly who your target audience is and what value you truly bring to that audience as an individual.

2. Engagement matters

okay, this is a big one! Engaging with your audience truly matters.

You can act like a celebrity all you want a not respond to comments but that is killing your engagement ratio and making you not show up in the algorithm.

Your audience wants to see, know, and experience you and ignoring people that compliment you or want to collaborate with you only makes them never come back to view your content again. Engage with people that are in your niche- this means following people within your niche, liking, saving, and commenting on their posts as well as responding to those who comment on yours.

3. Join Facebook groups

We take Facebook for granted being that a lot of information and opinions float around on this platform. What many people don’t realize is that Facebook groups are great communities to connect with people specific to your niche. There’s literally a group that someone has created for any and every topic that you can think of. Search Facebook for your specific niche to network and gain knowledge from people who are literally doing the same things as you daily.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags actually mean something! Not to just be used unnecessarily for no reason. Sometimes we see people #using #hastags #for #noreason (lol)

But what you should do is add these tags to your post to kind of “group” them with posts that are relevant to the tag. When someone clicks a hashtag all posts that have that tag will appear and this gets your content in front of more eyes.

Be sure to watch the YouTube video where I explain more about hashtags! HERE

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is the last but certainly not least great tip for growing your business worldwide. Pinterest is basically a search engine and millions of people use Pinterest each day and with the right tags and keywords you can present your content to a very large audience.

Utilizing these tips and focusing on truly using social media as a TOOL helped me to be able to fill that map above with so many connections around the world. I believe that you can do the same in your business as well and as always, keep God first.

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