How I Overcame my Insecurities | and Found my Identity in Christ

It’s so easy for culture and the world in general to be an influence to your mind, and in some ways this can make you very insecure about yourself. Which is nothing but the enemy.

For some of us, myself included, insecurities started at a very young age.

I’m sure you all probably remember that crazy time in life—growing into teens—going through middle school—(puberty, growing into ourselves, seeing ourselves change, experiencing new things)

This can lead on up into high school and even beyond into college years, people can make you feel like you aren’t “cool” enough, you aren’t smart enough, you don’t dress cool enough, etc.

And now, with the media being as influential as it is, this continues right on into adulthood because the media will show and tell you that if you don’t look like a super model or an Instagram “influencer”—you are nothing basically!

And let me just say that people who strive to make others feel this way are simply just not happy with themselves, so this is a tactic to make them feel superior to someone else.

I can literally remember feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere except the places and around the people who I truly felt comfortable being around. It seemed as if no matter what I did there was always somebody being negative, or trying to bring me down or make me feel bad about myself. It was almost like nobody liked Kiana.

But I have fully overcome this. And I thank God for getting me to this place.

While there were and still are people that don’t particularly care for me, there are even MORE people who love me and want to see me succeed and this applies to you too! There are people that God has assigned to you and your destiny!

To overcome my insecurities I had to realize that I cared entirely too much about the naysayers and not enough about the people who were made to be connected to me.

I had to realize that there is only one me. God created us all- individually- and on purpose. You are loved, you are important, you are God’s child!

I had to walk unapologetically- with confidence in my purpose!

I had to restructure my belief system.

I had to restructure my atmosphere.

I had to restructure the things I fed my mind.

Instead of focusing on what I DIDN’T have, I had to restructure everything I did have.

And now, I am no longer insecure about anything!

Everything that used to have me, I NOW HAVE IT and there is no turning back.

So if you want to overcome being insecure and find your true identity in Christ—you must restructure and know that there is ONLY one you and that is the person that you must strive each and everyday to be, fearfully, wonderfully, and unapologetically!

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