How do I overcome my limitations?


Let’s just start this off by saying that, because it’s simple! The things that we perceive as limitations are actually things that God wants us to dive deeper and use for a different purpose.

The things that we perceive as limitations could also be an opportunity. Have you ever thought of it that way?

At some point, we all feel that we are limited in something

  • It could be a dancer with a broken leg.

  • It could be a college student that has no time to study due to having to work long hours to pay for school.

  • It could be that single mom that feels she does everything for her kids but has no time for herself.

  • It could be that financial strain on a young girl that never seems to change.

  • It could be that desire to do something that God has placed on your heart but you don’t feel talented enough.

It could be anything! We have all felt limited at some point by something.

But as I stated in the beginning, we have no limitations. When Jesus was nailed to the cross, EVERYTHING was placed in his body and put to death for us.

All of our fears, doubts, shortcomings—which in turn could all be looked as a limiting force. We may feel these forces that come against us, but they will never prevail!

This is to encourage someone today to rethink your challenges and limitations through the lens of the cross.

You can either allow them to keep you in the same position ---- (horizontal) or you can figure out how to crush their head and with along with God, take yourself UP (higher/vertical) |

Thus, creating a cross! [ use your imagination here! (; ]

  • What that dancer didn’t know was that breaking her leg allowed the doctors to see another problem in her body that she hadn’t even known about before.

  • That college student didn’t understand that soon he would be promoted to a work from home position that would allow him to do both work and study for school

  • That single mom didn’t realize that through her struggles, God was preparing her for the next dimension of life to be able to do outreach to single moms just like her

  • That young girl didn’t understand that God was using her financial situation to help her build a plan for financial freedom that would later turn into one of the biggest platforms for financial help making her the head of the company and a millionaire.

  • That girl who thought she had no talent didn’t realize that she was actually the ONLY one who could do what God placed inside of her. Even if she hadn’t been doing it for a long time no one can outshine you in a task given from God.

So as you can see, none of these people were limited. They just needed to look at their perceived limitations through a different scope and realize how much opportunity really lied within.

So ask yourself, what are you seeing as a limitation? How can you turn that right around to be an opportunity?

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