God + Purpose + Entrepreneurship

Hello my wonderful Golden family!

I know that it has been a while since a new blog post.

The beginning of what we know now as COVID-19 honestly took a toll on me. A lot started happening so fast and the internet presents a lot of opinions and information. It took me taking some time to sit down and take a break from so much social media to truly understand some of the key pieces of what God wants me to do through The Golden Culture (without all of the extra noise.)

After gaining much knowledge and insight from the Lord-- I have been able to rest in a place of knowing that

We truly have the ability to innovate and create and put things into the Earth that have come from God. The gift that God has resourced in you is an open door to the next person's opportunity. Somebody needs you and your divine gift that God has only given to you!

As you know we are The Golden Culture (committed to teaching you how to live a GOLDEN life- the way that Christ intended so that you may live up to your full potential.)

I (will now be back posting) weekly YouTube videos and blogs-here on the website and

We also have our growing line of Christian merch (tees, +more!)

and back in May, I felt led to also start doing custom items (t-shirts, masks, pillows, blankets, +more) which led to me forming The Golden CUSTOMS.

What immediately puzzled me was how does my ministry (The Golden CULTURE) align with creating custom items at (The Golden CUSTOMS) and in digging deeper in that, spending time with God, and tuning out the opinions of the world-- I realized how much of a gift it is to be trusted by God to create your way forward and create ways forward for others as well (again, just like he did.)

You should never feel that being called to entrepreneurship is not a gift from God!

As a creative, you get to see ideas from heaven come to fruition on Earth! As a Christian Entrepreneur, you really have to be intentional about your time and what you create because when your ideas come from GOD-- there is truly work to be done and no time to play!

To help you out with that I have also created a FREE PLANNER that is

The Purposeful Daily Planner for Entrepreneurs

Utilizing planners really help me to stay organized and set my day with intention to do exactly what it is that God has laid out for the day! Click HERE to download your free Purposeful Daily Planner for Entrepreneurs!

I hope that you can utilize this daily planner each day to help you with your daily tasks & goals!

Head over to the YouTube channel for this weeks video as I talk about God + Purpose + Entrepreneurship and shed a new light on the gift of CREATIVITY.

Click here to watch this weeks YouTube Video!

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