Control your Atmosphere

We of course have the literal atmosphere created by Godcomposed of oxygen, trees, water, plants, animals, etc.

Then we have the atmosphere that we create ourselves…… This atmosphere is different because it is composed of mostly thoughts and opinions created by man and often times thoughts can be louder than words.

Have you ever wondered why—around some people you feel so full of life and happy; and in the next instant, someone else can change your whole mood and make you feel absolutely empty?

It is because of the atmosphere that you are facing and the thoughts that are shaping that particular atmosphere at the time.

Honestly, it is very difficult to always control the outside atmosphere… I’m sure that we have all experienced times where we have tried to help or change someone for the better, only to end up only feeling tired and defeated in the end?

While you may not be easy to CHANGE the outside atmosphere—you can, however, navigate it. This is done by working with your own inner atmosphere. Focusing on yourself allows you to move freely in or out of the outside air and only focus on what is going on within.

As you work on your inner self, what is going on around you has no other choice but to follow and obey what’s going on inside.

I AM A LIVING WITNESS OF THIS. When I first started my walk with God honestly it was not easy because my outside atmosphere gave me a lot of negative opinions, doubts, fears, questions, and for some time that honestly brought me down, but the more I listened to God and kept walking fearlessly into what he was telling me to do—my outside atmosphere obeyed.

As I started to put more of God’s word into myself…. More people are starting to want to hear it from me.

As I changed my inner attitude and started being nicer… everyone is now nice to me.

As I stopped listening to and allowing any negative opinions…. People stopped giving them to me.

I had to realize myself that God has placed A LOT on the inside of me. Everything that God places inside of us cannot and will not be birthed in any atmosphere. I had to change my atmosphere before it smothered me!

So if you’re feeling stuck and stagnant, that is probably a sign that you need to change your atmosphere!

It’s okay to feel alone in your atmosphere. I would rather be in a clean atmosphere with only God and myself than to be in a negative and dirty atmosphere with hundreds of people and their invalid opinions.

Remember though, you are never alone. Jesus is always with you but he can’t fulfill his promises to you if you are in the wrong atmosphere.

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