Golden adjective

gold·​en | \ ˈgōl-dən

1. of high degree of excellence

2.  prosperous; FLOURISHING

3. having talents that promise great success

4. highly favored

Now that you know what GOLDEN means,



The Golden Culture was created FOR THE CULTURE to extend and express a GOLDEN way of living life through CHRIST so that one may live up to full potential as God has intended us to.


The Golden Culture was designed to:

  • Help one learn new lessons, meanings, and gain confidence in everyday life to live a better life 

  • Help one learn and go after their God given purpose

  • Help one build better faith in God



Through The Golden Culture, God provides opportunities FOR THE CULTURE to hear and learn about him in an understandable way, ultimately leading to a better way of living. 


Everyone should live a GOLDEN life. The Golden Culture wants to empower and encourage everyone to live in their true purpose being fullest and best version of themselves.



A walk with Christ is a golden walk. he loves us all and the golden culture wants to help those who want to grow their faith and relationship with god.

taking care of your body and being fit is always golden. the golden culture's golden fitness is here to provide easy at home ways to be fit.

There is fashion - then there is golden fashion.

the golden culture provides tips and accessories to create and show a new style.

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to The Golden Culture. If you don't already know me, my name is Kiana, I am 22 years old, and I am the creator of The Golden Culture.

Starting my personal walk with God, learning my purpose, and stepping into my purpose are the best things I have ever done for myself! as i started my own walk, he called me to empower others just as I empower my own self and that is why I created The Golden Culture.

I want everyone -- (THE CULTURE) to win and to be the best and fullest version of the person God individually created us all to be and that is Why he called me to create this platform. to help, encourage, and empower any way that i can.

I hope that i can help each and everyone of you become GOLDEN

Creator- Kiana Alexis

xo, Kiana Alexis

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