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Golden adjective

gold·​en | \ ˈgōl-dən

1. of high degree of excellence

2.  prosperous; FLOURISHING

3. having talents that promise great success

4. highly favored

The Golden Culture

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With God

Founder- Kiana Alexis

Founder- Kiana Alexis

Hello and thank you for visiting The Golden Culture. If you do not know me personally, my name is Kiana Alexis and in 2019, God gave me The Golden Culture!

I am so thankful for each and every one of you that wants to be apart of this MOVEMENT of GOD! Stepping into my purpose and calling makes life so much more enjoyable. Knowing that God has ordained a straight path for me makes walking through the crooked ones that much easier. I am thankful that God chose me and uses me as a vessel to send his word and fulfill the vision he has over my life!
Again, thank you for visiting and please let me know if there is ANYTHING that The Golden Culture can do for you!

xoxo, Kiana

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